Frequently Asked Questions


I have a submission requiring a quick turnaround.  Are you able to respond?

PUA can respond within 24 hours or faster if that is your requirement.   Everything we do is geared to meeting our customers needs.

Do you have minimum premium requirements?

Minimum premium size per account is $10,000 for the middle market primary segment.

Does PUA have the capability to provide direct policy insurance paper? 

Yes, PUA has access to insurance paper for the middle market property segment as well as the Public Entity segment.  

Can PUA provide a property quotation for a primary layer?  

Yes, this is a key focus of PUA's capabilities.


"PUA grasps the essence of complex, multi -tiered accounts quickly. They react quickly to changing conditions during the quotation and underwriting phase when changes to terms and conditions occur regularly, always identifying what really matters and what is of little consequence. Experience and sound judgment is their hallmark .  We appreciate this in an age when timeliness is critical . We consider PUA a vital partner in what we have to accomplish."

Steve Brett, Executive Vice President
Maiden Specialty, Napa, CA 

“PUA has been a responsive market and has offered support on several placements in key layers.   They also have the flexibility to provide competitive coverage on complex placements.”

Ryan Pearson, AAI, Senior Vice President
Westrope, Kansas City, MO  

“PUA has been a great market to work with.  PUA is always extremely responsive and works hard to help out on our accounts.  They have been a vital market on many of our placements and have been an important asset for us and our customers.”

Chris Hopper, ARM, ASLI, Vice President - Property
AmWINS Brokerage, Birmingham, AL